Resurfaced Concrete FAQs

There are also many advantages of resurfaced concrete flooring overlays including weather-resistant properties; stylish design options; exclusive “real stone” finishes; and economical appeal. You may have more questions about Concrete Craft’s resurfacing & overlay products and the services we provide. Browse this list of Frequently Asked Questions about resurfaced concrete overlays to see if we can answer your questions!

Frequently Asked Questions About Resurfaced Concrete

What material is it?
Concrete Craft’s Polymer Modified Overlays have been created utilizing the best components in the industry. Our manufacturing process has been successfully applied across the country. We start with a unique rubberized polymer that allows our overlay to not only be flexible, but to cure to compression strength just under 5000 psi. It is mixed with a unique water-phase, elastomeric resin composition incorporating resins, cement, cement modifiers, fibers, polymers, and aggregates. It is then applied over a concentrated bonding primer for added adhesion.

Where do you use it?
Polymer Modified Decorative Concrete Overlays are designed to resurface structurally-sound concrete. Our products are designed to be used for exterior, interior, residential and commercial applications.

Will decorative concrete crack?
As flexible as our polymer is, ultimately it is only as good as the concrete on which it is installed. So, if the existing concrete cracks, it is possible for it to crack through our decorative concrete overlay system. What is important is that our polymers are moisture-resistant so the crack will not affect the integrity of our overlay.

What patterns are available?
Since our decorative concrete system is customized, it allows us to work with each customer on a truly unique design with unlimited patterns and colors.

What do you do about existing cracks?
We can address this in a couple of ways. One is to incorporate the cracks into the design, which we will do where applicable. This is important because as good as our crack repair system is, a crack can still show back through the overlay at some point. In other situations, we will fix the crack with a flexible coating to try to prevent the crack from reappearing.

How thick is decorative concrete?
Our decorative concrete system is from 1/4 inch – 3/8 inch.

What is the required maintenance?
This is the beauty of a decorative concrete surface. Sweep and wash surfaces as needed to avoid dirt buildup by simply scrubbing with a medium bristle deck brush and hosing it off. Exterior surfaces can also be pressure washed with a mild detergent. We recommend it be resealed every 18-24 months.

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