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Transform Your Living Spaces with Decorative Concrete

We offer hand-crafted concrete resurfacing, including stamping and staining, and concrete repair at half the cost of other materials. And because most projects are a concrete overlay over existing concrete, jobs go quicker, with a lot less mess and upheaval. When you’re ready to transform your space, choose the people with experience as solid as the materials we use. Choose Concrete Craft.

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Concrete Craft of Kansas City North

At Concrete Craft of Kansas City North we promise to: 1. Always Communicate 2. Leave The Area Cleaner Than We Found It 3. Be Punctual 4. Answer Any And All Questions 5. Put Down A Product We Are Proud Of, Every Project. Every Time. No Exceptions.

- Billy Kerns & JB Stevens, Owner

At Concrete Craft of Kansas City North, we are committed to providing concrete polishing, repair, and decorative services to both residential and commercial customers at an affordable price.  Whether you are looking to give your patio a new look, polish a commercial warehouse, or fix your spalling driveway, Concrete Craft of Kansas City North would be happy to help.  Combining the products and techniques of one of the largest decorative concrete companies in the country with the care and attention of a small local business makes Concrete Craft of Kansas City North your perfect partner for all things concrete.

At Concrete Craft we are able to offer an array of options for your concrete needs that include:

  • Concrete Polishing:  Polished concrete is one of the toughest and lowest maintenance floors around.  The process involves specialized equipment that lets us grind off tiny amounts of the surface, similar to sanding wood.  Taking multiple passes over the floor with progressively higher grits gives us better control over the final level of shine desired.  In addition, we also use a densifier that further closes off the concrete pores helping to add strength, endurance, and longevity to the concrete floor.  Polished concrete floors are a great choice for both residential and commercial projects looking for an economical and gorgeous flooring option. 
  • Driveway and Walkway Repair:  Tough midwest winters and expansive clay soil have done a number on most driveways and walkways in our area.  Many people think the only option they have for fixing spalling, cracks, and other damage is to tear out and replace their existing driveways and sidewalks.  This can involve lengthy heavy equipment, a long return to service, and a ton of money.  Using Concrete Craft’s line of repair products we are able to completely repair and resurface a standard driveway in as little as two days.  Concrete Craft’s RestoreKoat cures to a PSI stronger than traditional concrete within 4 hours and can be driven on in 24.  This allows us to repair sidewalks, stairs, and other problem areas that cannot be taken out of service for days at a time.  
  • Staining:  If your concrete is in great shape and you’re looking to add a touch of elegance, concrete staining is a great option.  With a multitude of colors to choose from, stained concrete can go anywhere from basements to patios matching the existing palette.  Concrete staining is a great way to transform any concrete into a unique and easy to maintain floor.  If you love the look of stained concrete but your floor isn’t in the best condition we still have options for you.  Our unique products and techniques allow us to cover most concrete blemishes creating a fresh canvas for us to work on.
  • Concrete Resurfacing and Overlays: Stamped concrete overlays and resurfacing are great options for patios, sidewalks, and pool decks.  We offer several products at varying price points to give you the best solution for your project.  From design techniques that incorporate cracks to troweled on EPDM rubber that’s guaranteed to turn heads, we have the products and techniques to transform your existing concrete.  We can do all this without the need for heavy equipment and long return to service times.  Our goal is for you to enjoy your newly transformed concrete as quickly as possible.

At Concrete Craft we pride ourselves on 5 key points:

  1. Always communicate: We do our best to answer our phones but if for some reason we are unable to, expect a call back shortly
  2. Leave the area cleaner than we found it: You'll never see trash, cigarette butts, or any other debris from us
  3. Be punctual: Time is one of our most valuable assets and we won’t waste yours. If for some reason our schedule changes, we will let you know as soon as possible
  4. Answer any and all questions: With so many products, we understand there will be a lot of questions and we welcome them. If your question stumps us, we are able to consult with the Concrete Craft network of product specialists, manufacturers, and technique specialists to ensure we answer your questions completely and totally.
  5. Put down a product we are proud of: Every project. Every time. No exceptions

The Concrete Craft Difference

Accentuate your spaces! See how decorative concrete stands up against alternative hardscape and flooring options. At Concrete Craft, we take pride in bringing artistry to one of the most durable, affordable, and beautiful materials on earth. For an elevated look in your home, transform your living spaces with stamped concrete, stained concrete or resurfaced concrete.

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