The Dangers of Carpets

Although many prefer having carpets in their homes due to their softness and how comfortable they are to walk across, you should consider that the negatives of having carpeting outweigh the positives.

For one thing, carpets are often home to dust mites and pollen, both of which cause allergic reactions such as itchy eyes and runny noses in many people after they are inhaled or absorbed into their bodies. Unfortunately, these things also tend to be multiple in carpets. In fact, a single yard of carpet can be home to 100,000 dust mites.

Also, the cleaning process for carpets needs to be pretty extensive as even daily vacuuming does not remove all of these things. Sometimes they are even projected airborne after being vacuumed and later inhaled by people.

Mildew, mold, and other microorganisms also make themselves at home in carpeting. This is especially the case in damp climates and in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Places, where damp cleaning methods have been used, are often home to these things as well.

For these reasons, people living in already carpeted homes are encouraged to remove those carpets and replace them with concrete flooring, a much more healthy and affordable solution, as things like pollen and mold are not naturally attracted to this type of flooring.

Concrete floors should also be utilized instead of carpets for a number of other reasons. They come in a variety of colors as staining them has become more popular over the past several years. They are also easier to maintain and clean as mopping with soapy water once a week should do the trick. In general, concrete floors can be expected to last several decades.

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