Why You Should Have a Concrete Kitchen Floor in Your Restaurant

A restaurant’s kitchen floor often receives a beating as it is the central point of the business. They need to withstand harsh kitchen conditions, such as moisture, high temperatures, and frequent movements. Your kitchen floor should also be easy to clean and able to repel stains, spills, and grease. With durability and maintenance ease at the forefront, a concrete kitchen floor is an ideal solution.



An appealing design is ideal for an entire workplace setting. The elegant design in your restaurant patio and interior spaces should carry on to your kitchen. Concrete floorings are excellent options to improve the visual appearance of your kitchen floor.

Different stamps, stains, and colors are available for you to choose from. Whether you want a stamp, a leaf pattern, or an interesting accent that matches the surrounding, concrete floors offer the freedom to do that.

Modern techniques in concrete mixing allow the creation of different patterns to suit any purpose. This versatility and design freedom ensure that there is an aesthetic for everyone.  

Epoxy concrete floors in your kitchen can even improve work morale. Their elegant appearance and brightness-increasing properties keep your employees excited and uplifted to work. In fact, even the customers who happen to see the floor may also appreciate it.

Another advantage of concrete floors is that they can be installed on top of an existing surface.

Fast construction

Of course, you don't want the floor installation project to take too long and inconvenience your business. Time is money. Concrete floors are quick to construct, provided you have experienced contractors. In many cases, the process only involves grinding an existing slab and applying the polish, color, and texture you desire.

If the old slab is in poor condition, a thin overlay of fresh concrete becomes necessary for use as the base surface. Whether the concrete floor installation project involves a new or an old slab, it won't take long with experienced and well-equipped professionals.

Safe and hygienic

Employee safety is a priority in any workplace setting. It is a requirement under the occupational health and safety act. Ensuring the safety of your employees also safeguards your reputation and helps you avoid downtime in case of injuries to your workers.

Choosing the right flooring is proactive and significantly reduces any potential safety violations. The superior properties of a concrete floor, including slip resistance, make it ideal for a commercial kitchen.

Incorporating epoxy in concrete floor finishes reduces slippery and slick characteristics that could cause an accident. A well-finished concrete kitchen floor is safe even as the employees walk in and out when a spillage occurs. Also, the epoxy concrete floor is seamless, therefore hygienic.  This enables you to meet FDA and USDA requirements.


Low cost of maintenance

The maintenance cost for concrete floors is less compared to other types of floorings. The structural pad is strong and durable, ideal for use in a commercial kitchen such as in restaurants. Even getting a scratch or chip is so hard, so you don't have to worry about damage by dropping items.

Although a kitchen can be filthy due to food droppings and liquid spillage, keeping the concrete floor tidy is fairly easy. Concrete floors, especially those coated with epoxy, have no crevices that would hold debris or liquid, making them even easier to maintain. You only need a neutral cleaning agent and a mop to clean the floor periodically.

Fire resistance

Concrete is a non-combustible material meaning that your flooring will be fire-resistant. In fact, it has a high fire resistance classification, unlike other building and construction elements. Concrete also has other superior properties, such as a slow heat transfer rate. 

Since a kitchen environment has a lot to do with heat and fire, having a concrete floor minimizes fire risk and provides a heat shield you can rely upon. Besides, concrete flooring does not emit toxic fumes when exposed to fire.


Concrete flooring is incredibly environmentally friendly. When installing a concrete floor, the existing slab can be used so you wouldn't need to cut and waste a new stone. Therefore, if you have concerns over your carbon footprint, concrete flooring is a great option since you won't waste materials.

Additionally, the concrete floor is a volatile organic compound-free material. It differs from the vinyl and synthetic carpets or hardwood floors, which come with loads of volatile organic compounds, which is a big win on the environmentally friendly end of the spectrum.


Considering the activities and the conditions of a commercial kitchen, you want a floor that lasts long. Concrete flooring can take years without any significant deterioration. The material resists chemical attacks, abrasion, and weathering action while maintaining its desired characteristics.

You can even go beyond and add an epoxy coating to have an epoxy concrete floor. That way, you will have increased the strength of your flooring sevenfold. It makes the surface non-porous, which prevents the penetration of liquids. 

The non-porous and nonabsorbent property of epoxy concrete floors makes them damp resistant. Therefore, the flooring won't allow the growth of mildew and mold, which result from dampness. These microorganisms are health hazards to both employees and customers.

From the slippery liquid that accidentally spilled on the floor to the daily foot traffic, every commercial kitchen needs a concrete floor to handle the punishment they receive daily. Concrete flooring can withstand such incidents and is easy to clean while providing an impressive match with the surrounding.

Nothing should hold you from installing a concrete floor in your restaurant's kitchen. Reach out to us for a free consultation today.

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