10 Fun Facts You Should Know About Stenciled Concrete Floors

Stencils are an age-old art for creating unique pictures and designs. As children we all used stencils to draw cats, dogs, dinosaurs, and to learn our shapes and letters. You could mix it up and put a dog’s head on a dinosaur body or give a cat a flower tail just for fun. Using stenciled designs on concrete floors affords the same unlimited creativity, and Concrete Craft®  can help you transform your concrete spaces with unique designs that beautifully reflect who you are.

sophisticated floral stencil in dark brown in tan stained concrete overlay in a entry to a home Make your stained concrete entryway memorable with a sophisticated stencil that adds elegant style

The art of stenciling concrete has advanced as technology has continued to improve concrete stains, dyes, overlay mixes, and stencils for multiple types of applications. Available in an endless variety of designs and patterns, concrete stencils produce attractive yet economical color and texture combinations to enhance interior and exterior concrete floors like patios, pool decks, and driveways. If you’re interested in jazzing up your concrete, here are 10 fun facts about stenciling concrete that you may not know.

One: Stencils can be simple or complex, adding just a little or a lot of design.

Stencils come in a variety of popular patterns, including starbursts, entwined vines, brick, tile, stone, flowers, lace, rosettes, geometric shapes, and more. They can be used individually, layered and overlapping for added depth and texture, or mix and match patterns to create extraordinary effects from crisp, sharp designs to antiqued and time-worn patinas. With the right combination of patterns and colors, a stenciled floor may be all you need to add a designer touch to your space with a rug design, intricate borders, bold three-dimensional effects, or fun and fanciful unique patterns.

Two: A stenciled concrete floor can camouflage imperfections in the floor.

If you have a concrete floor that needs some TLC, but you don’t have the budget for an overlay, concrete stain and stenciled designs can camouflage imperfections and discolorations for a fresh look. Revive a tired patio with color and design, eliminating the need for a resurfaced concrete overlay.

Three: Stamped concrete can be enhanced with stencil designs for showstopping effects.

Add some additional flair to stamped concrete designs with stenciled highlights. Choose solid colors, multiple-color patterns, and borders for distinctive effects. Stain colors are hand applied for precision, so intricate designs like medallions or starbursts have clear color separations. Stencils can also create realistic stone and wood plank designs that endure.

a compass done with a stencil in shades of gray concrete on a tan stamped concrete patio

Extraordinary is not out of the question with stenciled designs to transform your outdoor spaces

Four: Textured designs are always an option.

Depending on the look you want, you can have a smooth surface or a textured finish to emulate stone or grout lines. Stenciling techniques include applying color directly to the concrete for a smooth finish, creating a raised embossed pattern with a thin concrete overlay, or etching designs into the concrete for a texturized finish.

Five: Stencils can add dramatic impact to large areas like pool decks and driveways while saving you money.

When large concrete areas need an update or a refresh, it can be daunting to figure out the best thing to do, especially if you’d like to upgrade the design. Concrete stencils allow you to achieve amazing results with stenciled designs that look like cobblestone, brick, slate, and flagstone without breaking your home improvement budget.

a custom herringbone pattern with a stencil in dark gray makes this driveway look spectacular

Budget-friendly AggreKoatTM with a stenciled herringbone pattern makes this driveway look very high-end

Six: Personalize polished concrete floors with stenciled designs and concrete stain colors.

Polished concrete is the ultimate high-luster, no-wax flooring option but gray isn’t everyone’s choice for floor color. Stencils and concrete stain colors can be used with polished concrete to incorporate colors and patterns for a designer look with subtle or dramatic designs to perfectly suit your taste.

Seven: Stencils provide the look of designer tiles without the price tag.

Decorated ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular kitchen and bathroom floor designs but can come with a hefty price tag. Stained concrete and custom stencils are a more economical alternative in rooms where “something more” is desired. Create a focal point, stencil a border, choose a subtle over-all design like a lattice pattern, or create drama with bold, geometric shapes and colors for the look of designer tiles anywhere in your home.

Eight: Stenciling can create the realistic looking wood floors for a farmhouse look.

Concrete Craft can bring the beauty of wood to your interior floors with stamped concrete or stenciled wood plank designs that look like authentic wood finishes. Custom concrete stains ensure overall, even coloring throughout which real wood can’t always provide. There’s no need to endlessly shop for your perfect cool gray shades, warm browns, or dark wood flooring when our artisans can create your custom look.

farmhouse plank stencil in a medium brown color in a kitchen  to provide a realistic look to wood Farmhouse styling in wider and longer planks is no problem with custom wood stencils for realistic finishes

Nine: Stenciled designs are part of the sealed finish and never fade, chip, or peel.

The stenciled design becomes a permanent element of the overall seamless, sealed floor treatment and will retain its color and beauty for years. Our stains permeate the concrete surface, creating a deep, rich translucent color. Color options are practically unlimited and stenciled designs won’t wear away with foot traffic or fade from sunlight so your family can safely live life to the fullest on your new floors.

Ten: Commercial properties also can benefit from the wonders of stenciled concrete.

Bottom-line-conscious businesses can look upscale with their custom logo on concrete floors, walls, and entryways with decorative concrete stencils. Create an entryway or showroom with polished concrete and concrete stain reflecting your brand colors and be a standout in the community.

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Now is a great time to transform your home or business with beautiful, new decorative concrete floors, including stained concrete, polished concrete, stamped concrete, resurfacing concrete overlays, and custom stencils to enhance your spaces with style and pizazz. As your one-stop shop, Concrete Craft can meet all your flooring needs for design excellence and professional installation. We take pride in helping people transform their homes into beautiful living areas with decorative concrete floor designs. Call 888-852-9244 today or go to www.concretecraft.com to find the Concrete Craft location nearest you and request a free in-home or virtual* design consultation.

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