Don’t DIY Concrete Repair And Resurfacing, Trust the Experts At Concrete Craft

Part of being an effective DIYer is knowing when to put down the paint brush, drill, or trowel and let a professional handle your home improvement project. Concrete repair and decorative concrete finishes like stamped concrete fall into the “trust the experts” category despite what you may see on YouTube or hear from your local home improvement store salesman. When something is literally set in stone, it’s best not to take any chances!

a backyard patio in a suburban neighborhood with resurfaced concrete this project was done as part of extreme home makeover We knew exactly what to do to transform a plain, gray patio into a luxurious boardwalk setting with a stamped concrete wide plank wood design

If you’re still considering tackling concrete restoration, here are some red flags that it’s a DIY you might want to pass on:

  • Level of difficulty: you don’t want to experiment on a really important project
  • Cost factor one: a poorly executed job could reduce your home’s value
  • Cost factor two: if you need to call in someone to fix your mess, you end up paying twice
  • Cost factor three: specialized tools can cost hundreds of dollars
  • Inconvenience: how long will it take you versus an experienced professional
  • Level of danger: if you could seriously injure yourself; don’t DIY
  • Peace of mind: there’s no warranty on work you perform yourself

There’s a lot more to repairing damaged concrete or installing a decorative concrete overlay than just power washing and laying some product on top. What you don’t know can ultimately undermine all the information you’ve carefully gathered online and from how-to videos. The professionals at Concrete Craft® know what it takes to achieve a beautiful, lasting finish to any concrete surface. The first time, every time.

Professional know-how and experience

Concrete repair and restoration are learned, hands-on skills. No amount of online research and viewing how-to videos can replace years of experience. Most jobs look easy when you watch the professionals do it, but it’s their knowledge and expertise that makes it look so easy. A novice concrete DIYer will not be equal to the professional and the final result will show it.

a backyard patio that had several different pieces of concrete and multiple Concrete Craft finishes and processes used to achieve a cohesive look Multiple finishes and processes were required to achieve this complete restoration of a pieced-together space, now beautifully unified

  • We know how to evaluate the composition of the existing concrete slab and select the proper products to use to avoid adverse chemical reactions.
  • We can make repairs to cracks and imperfections in the concrete surface that will not impact the performance of the overlay treatment.
  • We can anticipate problems and know how to avoid them.
  • A properly prepared slab allows the concrete overlay and/or stain colors to bond with the surface for permanent adhesion and will not fade, chip, crack, or peel.

Assurance of product excellence

Industry-grade products are not available to non-professionals and the products you’ll find in stores are not up to the level of professional-grade concrete products. Concrete Craft’s 15 years of testing and perfecting our performance-grade resurfacing mixes has produced a superior product, with the quality of our concrete mixes better than anything else on the market when compared side by side.

  • Our concrete overlays produce a smoother, more consistent long-lasting bond to transform existing concrete surfaces to like new.
  • The quality of our resurfacing mixes is assured because we control the manufacturing process from testing to production, with strict quality control.
  • We offer unlimited design potential with multiple finish options, including polished concrete, stained concrete, stamped concrete, and resurfacing overlays from our exclusive MasterPro FinishTM
  • You can safely live on all our decorative concrete surfaces without worry of damaging them or wondering if the finish will “hold up” over time or in the rain.

Less mess and inconvenience with quick installation

Refinishing any floor is a big task whether an interior floor or an outdoor patio, porch, or driveway. Plus, concrete work is messy, and if you’re attempting to learn as you go, you can end up spending a lot more time than you ever anticipated in cleanup. Especially If you were planning on grabbing a few hours here and a weekend there, counting on promised help from friends and family that fails to materialize. You’ll be out that living space for as long as it takes to get the job done and if it’s the kitchen floor or driveway, that can have terrible ramifications! Concrete Craft’s efficient processes eliminate mess and inconvenience, and your spaces are back in service very quickly.

a before image of an old tired gray concrete driveway and after image of light brown driveway resurfaced with Color Restore finish This driveway makeover only took two or three days from start to gorgeous Color RestoreTM finish

  • Projects get completed on schedule (barring acts of nature) in a fraction of the time it would take an inexperienced DIYer.
  • New floor finishes will be completed in a matter of days, including interior floors or outdoor surfaces.
  • We respect your time and property, always leaving the job site clean so you’re not stuck with debris to haul away.
  • You can totally forget about Murphy’s Law, the DIYer’s worst nightmare: “If anything can go wrong, it will.”

Superb design with artistic finishes

In the right hands and with the right products, there is unlimited design potential for decorative concrete finishes. Professionals can offer a far wider range of custom design than is possible with the curated and limited DIY options of a big box store. Concrete Craft artisans can help you create just about anything you can imagine to enhance your home with custom designs, finishes, and concrete stain colors. We can expertly match any style and color of house siding or landscape architecture, creating authentic-looking designs like flagstone, cobblestone, slate, brick, tile, marble, natural stone, and wood finishes.

a pool deck redone with PebbleKoat overlay Design excellence and precision installation create beautiful, long-lasting concrete spaces

  • If color and shine is your goal, stained concrete can transform worn surfaces with vibrant color and highlighting and antiquing effects for translucent finishes as well as opaque finishes for the look of colored concrete.
  • For high-end stone or wood finishes at half the cost of the real materials, stamped concrete overlays produce three-dimensional textures for realistic stone and wood designs with stamp patterns made from real stone and wood molds.
  • Concrete with deep cracks and uneven spots can be restored to look like a fresh concrete pour with our exclusive RestoreKoatTM repair mortar and overlay.
  • Go pebbly with a real river rock concrete overlay with PebbleKoatTM or choose a smaller aggregate look with AggreKoatTM, a spray-applied layered coating for subtle texture, color, and shine.

Don’t put yourself in the position of losing weeks of summer to a resurfacing project and then having to call in the professionals to bail you out. Go directly to the experts at Concrete Craft to have the job done right—on time, on budget, and to your perfect result. Call 888-852-9244 today or go to to find the Concrete Craft location nearest you and request a free in-home or virtual* design consultation. Check out our online catalog to see styles, finishes, and colors of our many decorative concrete finishes and find your favorite.

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