Concrete Patio Ideas For Fall

Decades ago, wooden decks topped the list of trendy home additions, but homeowners quickly discovered the expenses of maintenance and other problems of using wood outdoors. Modern concrete techniques offer astonishing versatility for creating patterns, colors, and shapes, and fall is a great time for installing a patio or outdoor space to extend your living area.

Design Benefits of Concrete

Architectural concrete saves time and money while providing more organic shapes and irregular patterns to match your design needs. Subtle colors and brilliantly designed pavers allow you to create the look of a European square or build an addition to your kitchen or living room that blends seamlessly with your interior flooring. You can mimic the look of wood, marble, stone, or brick and coordinate the patio’s design with a retaining wall, fire pit, or outdoor barbecue.

Advantages of Installing a Patio in the Fall

Fall is a superior time for hardscaping because you don’t lose months of enjoying the warm weather during construction. You’re ready to use your new patio or outdoor area as soon as spring returns or anytime the weather breaks. Fall is ideal for transplanting shrubs and trees to complement the new patio or outdoor space. Other benefits of fall patio installations include:

- Construction costs typically drop during the fall.
- Fall construction usually takes less lead time.
- Outdoor installations in fall don’t conflict with spring remodeling or landscaping projects.
- Built-in firepits allow you to use your patio in all types of weather.
- Use your new space to camp out, roast marshmallows, watch football games, or provide space fr holiday entertaining.

Fall patio installations in concrete offer low prices, versatility, and easier maintenance because you don’t have to stain and reseal the patio each year. You can match your home’s facade and never worry about wood rot, termites, or splintering, and fire pits and outdoor heaters allow you to stay warm and get more use from the space year-round.

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