Plan Now For A New Concrete Patio For Spring and Summer

Patio weather is back! Is your patio ready for the warm weather months ahead? Are you looking forward to lounging and relaxing or hosting get-togethers with friends and family? If the anticipation of good times doesn’t match the condition of the patio with cracks, chips, and discoloration, Concrete Craft® can help you get it restored in just a matter of days. Our array of MasterProTM decorative concrete finishes will repair, restore, and beautify exterior concrete surfaces so you’ll have all spring and summer to enjoy your beautiful new outdoors.

decorative-concrete-patio-flagstone.jpgCompletely transform outdoor spaces with decorative concrete enhancements like faux flagstone flooring and custom seat walls

To start with, evaluate your existing concrete patio:

  • Does it just need freshening up? If the surface is intact with just minor damage, polished concrete is an economical way to create a dense, hardened surface with brilliant shine or add color with concrete stain or dyes.
  • Concrete stain, translucent or opaque options, applied directly to a clean, intact surface can rejuvenate your patio with color and a durable finish that resists moisture, spills, stains, chipping, cracking, peeling, or fading.
  • A resurfaced concrete overlay will cover damage and discoloration, creating a fresh surface that can be stained, polished, or stamped with realistic faux stone or wood designs.
  • If a previously stamped patio has lost its appeal or you have a patchwork of old and new concrete sections, RenewKoat by Concrete CraftTM can restore the finish and consolidate the whole area for a unified look.
  • For a totally new experience, PebbleKoat by Concrete CraftTM is a non-epoxy real river rock concrete overlay to repair cracks, correct uneven surfaces, and hide years of damage with a single overlay.
  • Expand patio enhancements to more than just the floor with vertical concrete resurfacing that can transform siding, pillars, steps, retaining walls, seat walls, or a fire pit.

With Concrete Craft’s premium resurfacing systems, your patio can become everything you want it to be. From serious repair to restoring worn out surfaces, your patio can be better than new without demolition or replacement, saving time and money without sacrificing style and beauty.

Make a small patio big on comfort

Small patios obviously have the challenge of space. You may be limited on the patio furniture you can squeeze onto the patio and maybe there’s no room for a barbeque. If you do have a small patio, there are things you can do to make it seem more spacious and inviting.

stamped-patio-concrete-backyard.jpgOpen wide the doors and people will just naturally move from inside out to an inviting patio and backyard

  • Unify the indoors and outdoors with the same style of flooring on the patio. Match the patio floor to the interior floor with stained concrete colors or a stamped concrete overlay with wood or tile designs.
  • Extend your indoor colors outside to the patio with accent pieces and all-weather cushions for patio chairs and lounges for a feeling of continuity.
  • Custom seat walls can add additional seating and functionality without bulky furniture. Seat walls bordering the patio can help to create the feel of an outdoor room and extra cushions will provide comfort for sitting on the wall.
  • Get furniture to scale and limit the number of potted plants or place them around the outside perimeter of the patio or use wall-hanging planters, conserving actual patio space for people movement.

Create activity areas to maximize a large patio

If you have a large patio, you still want to keep everyone connected. Enable more intimate interaction by creating multiple conversation or activity areas. Utilize patio furniture to create conversation groupings for two or more around a table, fire pit or fireplace.

Add pieces that add beauty and character to your backyard as well as comfort to invite spending quality time on the patio

  • Use plants to add color and presence to break up the space and provide privacy.
  • A full outdoor kitchen for grilling and alfresco dining will make the space especially useful for entertaining; no need to keep schlepping food outside from the indoor kitchen.
  • Update your outdoor fireplace with new faux stone resurfacing for a welcoming place to gather around a cozy fire when the sun goes down.
  • Tie together multiple hardscape elements with coordinating vertical concrete resurfacing finishes and colors for your patio’s fireplace, retaining walls, pillars, and seat walls.

Expand your patio without it looking like an expansion

If you want more patio space or would like to add some stylish curves, you can expand your patio without worry that adding on would result in old and new concrete colors side by side. While a new pour will look different than existing concrete, an overall unifying finish from Concrete Craft will create a cohesive space without a trace of seams where concrete was added.

concrete-overlay-before-after.jpgA decorative concrete overlay eliminates the worry about a patio addition looking like an addition

  • This original small patio was almost tripled in size to create an outdoor area more suitable for family activities from kids’ games to seating and eating areas.
  • The hand-carved and custom-stained concrete overlay perfectly matches the home’s brick siding for an elegant faux stone flagstone patio that no one would ever guess was created in two parts.
  • Patio expansion is like adding a room to your house by creating more functional living space.

Don’t lose a day of sunshine on your new patio

Now is the perfect time to contact Concrete Craft about updating your patio or any other outdoor concrete surfaces that need some TLC. We come to you to hear your plans and dreams, evaluate your concrete, and offer solutions that will give you your desired result. With live samples of finishes and colors you can be confident of getting exactly what you want—on style and on budget. Call 888-852-9244 today or go online to to find the Concrete Craft location nearest you and request an in-home or virtual* design consultation. It’s spring renewal time for patios, pool decks, driveways, and walkways! Check out our online MasterProTM Product Catalog to see the many ways decorative concrete finishes can change your concrete and your life.

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