Update An Aging Fireplace In Time For A Fabulous Fall

Although summer sunshine is still filling our days, fall’s cooler temperatures and the holidays with guests are just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to take a good look at your fireplaces, indoors and out, to see if they are still the home feature you fell in love with or if they need a little TLC. A good fireplace is built to last, and so they do, from one decade to the next. So, if your fireplaces are showing their age in either style or dinginess, Concrete Craft® can update an existing fireplace with a modern design, including faux stone and wood finishes, which will make them like new.

concrete-fireplace-overlay-kitchen Transform a dated fireplace with a MarbleKoatTMvertical overlay and set the stage for an ultra-modern kitchen

Indoor fireplace refacing or resurfacing can quickly bring new style and design to any room, enhancing your decorating dynamic by changing styles or merely enhancing a time-worn fireplace that has served you well. Outdoor fireplaces can be transformed from ancient brick to stamped and hand-carved stone designs like Orchard stone, Mountain drystack, flagstone, and more. Vertical concrete resurfacing overlay systems can be installed over brick, drywall, plaster, concrete, and wood so you don’t have to demo existing fireplace structures or facings.

  • Get the look of authentic rock, stone, and wood finishes on your old fireplace for a fraction of the cost of real materials.
  • Unlimited design potential with decorative concrete for looks from rustic to traditional and modern, including contemporary concrete finishes in custom colors.
  • Cover up damaged brick or tile and eliminate years of smoke accumulation clinging to the fireplace.

Make a case for luxurious living

Rock and stone fireplaces don’t have to be rustic or rugged, our faux stone decorative concrete finishes can also give a lighter touch. With smaller stones and smooth finishes such as MarbleKoat, you can have understated glamour with the beauty of stone for a very luxurious setting. Still a focal point, these fireplaces don’t dominate, they enhance the furnishings for an overall feeling of cozy comfort.

faux-stone-concrete-fireplace Unfussy and minimalist, sleek fireplace design is compatible with any decorating style you choose

  • Lighter colors bring airiness to your space with subtle colors and cool neutrals.
  • On-trend and stylish, clean lines and smooth finishes coordinate beautifully with the modern décor in these living rooms.
  • Vertical concrete resurfacing can safely be installed for wood-burning or gas-burning fireplaces.

Redesign without demolition

If your fireplace is too old-style for your tastes today or it’s hopelessly stained from years of smoke and soot, you can have a completely new look without having to demo and replace the existing structure. You can resurface your fireplace “as-is,” or alter its size and shape by extending the overlay up for height, to the sides for width, or resurface the entire wall for a more dramatic focal point in the room.

vertical-fireplace-brick-concrete Increase the impact of a small fireplace by extending the fireplace surround for a totally new look

  • You can have all the faux stone you want without the excessive weight that can make real stone impractical for walls.
  • Floor-to-ceiling custom-colored faux stone or wood finishes add visual interest and a touch of nature indoors.
  • The seamless, sealed surfaces resist dust and dirt, unlike real wood and stone finishes that grab debris, so cleaning is quick and easy with dusting.

Add a mantelpiece just for fun

While you’re updating your fireplace, consider adding a mantel if you don’t have one or increase the size of your mantel for greater impact. Some skinny mantels can barely hold a picture frame, so upgrade to a “mantel of distinction” that will become a decorative enhancement all year long, to display family pictures, favorite collectibles, and seasonal decorations.

concrete-mantel-fireplace Top off your new resurfaced fireplace with a statement mantelpiece of distinction

  • Popular options for wood mantels are painted or stained, a rustic finish like reclaimed wood, intricately carved and tiered, or full-surround mantels with columns and molding.
  • Stone, slate, or granite mantels coordinate beautifully with faux stone fireplace finishes.
  • A mantelpiece must be adequately supported, so for best security have your Concrete Craft installer put up the mantel.

New life for the outdoor fireplace

Nothing does a better job of anchoring an outdoor living space than an outdoor fireplace that brings people together, especially if it’s in good shape. Unfortunately, outdoor fireplaces take a beating after years of exposure to all kinds of weather. Grouted stones come loose, and a brick fireplace can show wear and tear with crumbling grout and broken bricks. A new decorative concrete faux stone façade will add years to the life of your outdoor fireplace, as well as make it look brand new. Since our MasterPro FinishTM concrete overlays can be applied over almost any existing surface, it’s no problem to revive a damaged fireplace that has lost the battle against time and create the ideal outdoor entertainment spot.

outdoor-fireplace-stamped-concrete Natural stone molds ensure that your stone façade is so authentic, only you will know it’s not real

  • Renew fireplaces, retaining walls, pillars, and seat walls with vertical concrete resurfacing systems, including stamped concrete and hand-cut designs.
  • Decorative concrete finishes can withstand extreme temperatures as well as wet and dry conditions without the deterioration inherent with real stone structures.
  • Moisture- and dirt-resistant, the sealed surface is easy to clean by hosing off or using a mild, neutral-pH cleaner and cloth or soft brush.

Lasting finishes season to season, year after year

Indoors and out, the durability of concrete is a big plus with all our vertical concrete resurfacing systems. Our proven techniques and proprietary high-strength and flexible polymer overlays make 100% contact over wood, drywall, brick, and concrete surfaces, eliminating voids and gaps common with other types of resurfacing overlays that can pull loose over time. Contact us today or go online to www.concretecraft.com to find the Concrete Craft location nearest you and request a free in-home or virtual* consultation to see just how easy it is to restore an ugly fireplace or any other vertical surfaces to beautiful faux stone and wood finishes to transform your home, indoors and out.

Learn more about the versatility of vertical concrete resurfacing: Four Things You Need To Know About Vertical Concrete Resurfacing

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